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By Jeremy B. Silman, John Donaldson

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Many avid gamers are interested in the Dragon Sicilian, yet are dispose of via the fierce mating assaults that White can release. within the sped up Dragon, Black goals for a much better model, saving a stream together with his queen's pawn. If White attempts to disregard the variation, Black's quick detonation of the centre will come as an unwelcome chilly shower!The authors express that White's major answer, the Maroczy Bind, isn't so fearsome as was inspiration Black has many ways to wreck out, whereas typically it truly is attainable to manoeuvre round White's 'binding pawns' and express that they imprison White's items up to they do Black's.

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Xc6 "b6 19 ~f3 ~b7 would have been slίghtly ίη Black's favour. 13Wxd8 Ιη Stanciu-Pavlov, Bucharest 1976, Whίte immedίately blundered with 13 ~xc6? :c8! xe3 19 fxe3 f5 Black was winnίng. 13•••:txd814 ΒΙ! Thίs slίghtly odd-lookίng move of Commons is actually very well motίvated. Possessing the longterm advantage of a hea1thίer pawn structure, Whίte intends to neutra1ize Black's actίvity with c3 and then return hίs rook Ιο the d-fίle when the weaknesses οη c6 and a7 WΊll give him a clear edge. Black must play actίvely 10 counter thίs plan.

B6 "d7 gives Black a good position dυe to the threats of ... xc4! xd4 e6 19 0-0 ~c4 20 :bl?! Schmid, cοπ 1976. 3) 9 a3 a4 10 ~1 (both 10 ~d2 d5! f3 ω! d7! 17 Whl e5! with advantage to Black, Zhukhovitsky-Suetin, Vilnius 1953. d7-d5. Though there is limited expeήeηce with this position, practice so far has not been kind to White. g7 Φg7 and Ih-Ih ίη 33, Tolush-Κitaev, cοπ 1967. f3?! (D) This is certainly not the answer to White's problems. However, other moves haven't given White any joy either: 1) 10 ο-ο d5!

F5! e4. 2 Weekend Variation: White mixes Ι3 and ~c4 We call this the 'Weekend Variation' since ίι appears ίη one weekend Swiss system toumament after another. The lίne arises when Whίte makes logical moves that attempt to steer the game ίηto the Yugoslav Attack of the Dragon. However, the Accelerated move-order leaves Whίte facing some surprises, and his goal of a Yugoslav Attack never mateήalizes. e3 ~ 7 f3 Rare but interesting is 7 f4. f5 22 :d4 f6+ 0-1 Smaldone-Scrocacarello, cοπ 1985. We have ηο ίotention of condoning either side's moves, but it was entertaίn­ ing, don't you agree?

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