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3/16" Bungee Shock Cord Polypropylene Black

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CobraRope bungee shock cord has excellent quality UV resistant, marine grade stretch cord for pulleys, rigging etc. Our stretch cord allows normally better than 100% elongation and recovery making it ideal for marine, tarp, tent, trampoline, glider and industrial applications. The rubber core of our bungee shock cord is also vulcanized.



  • UV treated Polypropylene jacket
  • Jacket ribbed for better gripping and knotting
  • UV and abrasion resistant.
  • Approximately 100% stretch.


3/16” or 5 MM great for light-weight luggage straps, roof racks, kayaks, trailers, canoe's, small boats, surf boards, ten poles. Tie downs for light weight tarpaulins/groundsheets. 


Bungee cord uses include: 

  • Marine and sailing boats, canoes, kayaks and other small boats
  • Caravans and camping
  • Car, boat and trailer covers
  • Roof-racks, pick-ups, and curtain-slides
  • Tarpaulins and trampolines
  • Commercial and industrial


The bungee cord is also commonly known as shock cord or stretch cord.